Formula 1 Merchandise


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3D Systems-Imaging Product Solutions

3M -Global Industry/Office/Consumer/Traffic Safety Products

7UP-Soft drink -Internet web site/portal (German)

AB Angelica Busch -Engineering testing systems(German)

Accenture -Global Management/technology consulting (Andersen Consulting)

Acer -Global PC & E-Biz Manufacturer

Acorn-Acornweb Print production facilities

Action -Die-cast replica models

Adecco -Global Recruitment Agency--------------------TOP

Admiral-Sports clothing

Advanced Composites Group -Composite materials,design, R&D

Agusta -Helicopters (finmeccanica-Italy)

Air Products plc -Gas & chemicals supplier

Albert Stoll Giroflex -Ergonomic Office Chairs- - - - - -BACK

Alcon -Performance Brakes & Clutches

Alenia -Aerospace technology (finmeccanica-Italy)

Allegrini -Chemicals for the environment

Allianz -Global Risk management/insurance

Alpinestars-High Performance Motor Sports Apparel

Altair Engineering -Design engineering technology-------TOP

Altran -Engineering Technology Consulting (Europe)

Alukonigstahl-Aluminium Doors/Window Manufacturer

AMD-Microprocessor manufacturer

Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd-Simulation software Designers

AOL Time Warner -Entertainment and Media Giant

Aqua Pura -Cumbrian spring water- - - - - - - - -- - -- BACK

Arexons -Chemical products for home/auto/ industry

ART -Laser/thermal imaging technology

AS Elevators-Lift Manufacturers(Swiss)

Asiatech -Asian Corporations combined (ex-Peugeot F1 Program)

Astarte -Web site developers & cd-roms/dvd (europe)--TOP

AT & T -Global telecommunications

Attenda-Outsourced Internet Operations- - - - - - - - - -BACK

Aurora-??MINARDI_ ??

Avex -Recording Company(Japan)

BAE Systems -Aerospace & Defence Systems

Baan -Global Enterprise Business solutions

Balzers -Specialist Hard Material coatings (Unaxis)

Bang New Media-Multimedia Designers

Barco-Nexxis-Technology solutions(Europe)

BBS-Road & race wheels--------------------------------TOP

Becks -German beer -On-line auctions & shopping- - - - - - -BACK

BENETTON -Global Clothing Company

BENSON & HEDGES -Tobacco products

Beta -Professional hand tools

Blue Arc-Data Storege Solutions

BMW -German Auto manufacturer------------------------TOP

Boss -Global Fashion & Lifestyle(Hugo Boss)

Boss Office -Office equipment

Bossini-Shower accessories(Italy)

Boysen-Exhaust Manufacturer

(BR)Petrobras -Brazilian Oil Company

Brastemp -Electronic Domestic Appliances (Brazil)- - - -BACK

Brembo -Braking Systems

Brevi-IT Hardware Distributor(Italy)

Bridgestone -Tyre Manufacturer

Brother -Typewriters & office equipment

Brunotti-Sports & lifestyle clothing

Brutsch/Ruegger AG-Metal/Synthetic Material Tool suppliers

BSA-Alloy Wheel manufacturer(Malaysia)

Budweiser-Beer Maker

Cablefree Solutions-Laser Communication systems

Canon -Imaging Solutions----------------------------- ---TOP

Carrera -Sunglasses & sports eyewear

Castrol -Lubrication Products- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- -BACK

Catia Solutions -Engineering Solutions Software (Enovia-IBM)

Celerent Consulting-Corporate Strategy solutions

Cenit -Global I.T./CAD/CAM Solutions

Cevolini -Mechanical technology for racing cars (Italy)

Charmilles Technologies -Electro Discharge Machining Technology

Chello -Broadband Internet provider (Europe/Oz/S.America)-------TOP

Ciber-E-business systems & solutions

CIB Lizing-European banking

Ciet -Telecom, property/building & engineering (Italy)

Cima -Mechanical components (Italy)- - - - - -- - - - -- - -BACK

Cimatron -Cad/cam solutions for the tooling industry

Cincinnati Machine -CNC Machine tools manufacturer

Cisco -Internet server systems/technology

Clearswift -Communications Software

Cocif -Wooden doors & windows (Italy)

Co Adapco-Industrial CFD Analysis Software

Co Create-Product Design solutions

Comdisco -Global Business I.T. Management------------ - TOP

Commline -Mobile Phone Distributors/Data Solutions (Netherlands)

Compaq -Computer systems/solutions- - - - - - - - - - - - -BACK

Computer Associates -Business technology software

Comroad AG-Telematic Technology Solutions

Corpo Nove -Clothing producer,marketer & tester(Italy)

Corporate Jets plc -Aircraft for corporate clients

Cosworth -Engine design & manufacturer

Credit Suisse -International banking/finance------------ - --TOP

CRP technology -Titanium racing car parts/Gearboxes -Credit suisse private banking web-site- - - - -BACK

Cytec-Composite materials

D-2 Vodafone -Mobile communications (Germany)

DAF Trucks Ltd. -Commercial vehicle manufacturer

Daimlerchrysler Schweiz AG-Commercial Vehicles

Damovo-Corporate Communication solutions

Danzas -Global logistics solutions (deutsche post)

Dark Dog -Global 'Trendy' Energy drinks

Dassault Systemes -3D lifecycle Mangement Software

DEA -Coordinate Measuring Machine Technology

De Cecco-Pasta Makers

Dell -Global Computer Systems Company------------ - - --TOP

Denso -Auto technology Components

Deutsche Post -Global mail, logistics & finance

Devilbiss Automotive refinishing -Spray painting products

DHL -Worldwide distribution logistics- - - - - - - - - -- - --BACK

Disa -Industrial & Advertising Graphic Solutions

Diversey Lever -Food/Home & Personal Care

DLR -German aerospace research centre

DMG-Milling/Turning machine Tools

Dupont -Science/Automotive Products-------------- - - - --TOP

Dynabit AG-Digital Video Creation & Delivery

Ebbon-Dacs -Auto Industry Software Solutions

EDS -Global digital economy services & solutions

Elf -Petroleum and lubrication manufacturer

Elysium3D CAD translator -

Ember Productions -Broadcast corporate videos (UK)

EMC -Information storage and systems

Emil Frey -Specialist Car Suppliers (Europe)- - - - - - - -- -BACK

Endless Advance-Brake Pads/fluids

Enkel -Street & Race wheels -Energy/Health drinks & stores(Dutch)

EOS GmbH -Rapid tooling & manufacturing

Ericsson -Global Mobile Telecommunications--------- - - --TOP

Esat Digiphone -Mobile communications (uk)

ESPN STAR sports-Sports Broadcaster

Eurobet -Online Gambling (europe)- - - - - - - - - - - - - --BACK

Europcar -Car Rental (Europe)


EutelsatEuropean Satellite for Home TV -

Faenza -Hometown of Minardi

Fabia-Mineral Water(Italy)

Facom -Professional Hand Tools manufacturer (europe)


Farnese-Abruzzese Wines

Fauth Estate -Self Owned Vineyard Facility------- - - ----TOP

Fedem-Motion Dynamics Software/Engineering

FedEx -Worlwide distribution logistics

Fiat -Italian Car manufacturer- - - = - - - - - - - - --- - -BACK

Fila-Leisure/Sportswear and clothing

Finmeccanica -Aerospace,defence,energy, transport & I.T. (Italy) -Wealth management & business investment (Fritz Kaiser)

Fluent -Fluid dynamics & software simulations

Fondmetal-Automotive Wheels

Future Sports -Fitness/Leisure Clubs(Germany)

GE -Manafacturing,hi-tech(general electric)---------- - --TOP

Gericom-Mobilr computing & telecommunication(Europe)

Glasurit -Automotive Finishes supplier

Global Logistics Management -Worldwide transport/logistics

GO KL- Go (to) Kuala Lumpur

Grants scotch whiskey -Scotch whiskey- - - - - - - -- - -BACK

Groupe Tetco-Computer telephony system solutions

Grundig -Consumer electrical goods

GS Battery -Rechargeable Auto/Consumer Batteries

Guru -Youth Casual Wear

Haas Automation-CNC Machine Tool Maker

Hamleys-Mammoth Toyshop

Hanjing Shipping-Global Shipping/Transport(Korean Airlines)

HealthyCo-Health Snacks

Helbling Informatik -Global Engineering Solutions CAD/CAM

Hermann Bubeck -Model Prototypes for Aviation & Auto Makers (European)

Hewlett Packard -Measurement, computation, communication products & services

Hitachi Seiki-Precision CNC Machine Tools

HONDA -Japanese Motor Manufacturer--------------TOP

HSBC -Global bankers

IBM -Global Engineering Solutions(CAD/CAM)- - - - -BACK

Ikon -Global Office Technology/Networking/Systems Management

Imation -Data storage & imaging

I-Mode -Mobile Internet service

Infineon -Semiconductor manufacturer-----------------TOP

In-Motion AG-Film/TV & Music Group

Intel -Computer Processors

Intercond -Fibre-optic & electrical cable specialist- - - -BACK

Instron Schenk Testing Systems -Auto Structural Testing Systems

IQIT -Innovative web designers

Italdesign -Automotive Designers

ITW -Welding products

Iveco -Commercial Trucks/transporters----------------TOP

Jaguar Shoes -Team footwear

JOBS -High speed/High power Milling Machines

Karcher -High Pressure Cleaners

KDDI -Fixed Line/Mobile Communications

K-Way -Technologically advanced sports outer-wear (France)

Kennametal Hertel -Tooling Solutions & Management systems

Kenwood -Home/car audio & radio communications

Klauke Industries-Power/Emergency Generators

Koni -Suspension units- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - -BACK

Korean air -Airline of Korea

KPMG-Management Consultancy

KTC-Manufacturer of automotive hand tools

Lancel-Luxury Luggage manufacturer

Laurent-Perrier -Purveyors of champagne---------------TOP

Lear -Seating & interior safety

Leaseplan -Global fleet management services

Lectra Systemes-Composite & Textile Automated cutting systems

Legg Mason -Global Investment specialists- - - - - -- - -BACK

LG -Consumer appliances/electronics

Lincoln electrics -Arc welding product manufacturer

Lista -Workshop/Office storage Systems/Equipment----TOP

Loctite -Adhesives/Sealants & chemicals

Logicad-3d Man/Machine Interface solutions

Lost Boys -Multimedia development/software solutions

Lubrax -Automotive Lubricant(BR Petrobras)

Lucent -International operations, telecoms & networking

LUCKY STRIKE/555 -Tobacco products- - - - - - - -BACK

Lumen Eyewear -Sports Eyewear/Sunglasses

MAC Tools-Automotive tools & equipment

Magneti Marrelli -High Tech. automotive electronic & components

Formula 1 Merchandise

Magnum-Malaysian Gambling & Leisure (Alex Yoong)

Mahle -Engine components-----------------------------TOP

Malaysia -Country(?)

MAN -Commercial Trucks/Buses

Marconi -Comprehensive Communications Company

MARLBORO -Tobacco products (Philip Morris)- - - - -BACK

Mastercard -Credit cards

Matrix Network Solutions-IT Network Integrations

Mazak -Computer controlled machine tools--------------TOP

MBA-Film/Still/video media producers

MCM -Global Luxury Goods

Mecanica -Engineering Life-Cycle Management Tools

Mecel -Combustion Technology

Med-it-Professional/Industrial cleaning materials

MERCEDES -German Auto Manufacturer

Meteo France -French government weather service

Michelin -Tyre Manufacturer

Microsoft -Global Computer Company- - - - - - - - - - -BACK

Mild Seven -Tobacco products

Miller -Global Welding Technology----------------------TOP

Mobil 1 -Fuel & Synthetic Lubricants/Fuels(Exxon)

Momo -Auto wheels/accessories

Monrif net -Online journalist multimedia (Italy)

Montana-Meatfood & Catering(Europe)

Morgan Grenfell -Global Investment specialists- - - - - --BACK

MSC Software -Global Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering

MTS Systems-Mechanical Testing/Simulation Equipment

Mumm -

NetApp -Data Storage Solutions

Netscalibur-Managed IP Services

New Man -Exclusive Clothing (Europe)------------------TOP

NGK-Sparking Plug Manufacturer

Niquitin CQ-Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nolan -Crash Helmet Manufacturer

Nortel Networks -Global networking & telecomunication

Novell -Internet services software

O2-Mobile Communications

Okuma Fenwick -Industrial Equipment /Machinery

Olympus -Optical Technology Equipment

OMP -Fire resistant race wear (Italy)- - - - -- - - - - -- --BACK

OMR -Automotive components

ORANGE-Mobile telecommunications--------------------TOP

Oris-Swiss Watches

OZ racing -Road & race wheels

Ozalid -Office Communication Suppliers (Swiss)

Panasonic -Consumer Electronics(Matsushita)


Paninfo-IT Hardware Infrastructures

Parkpre-Racing and Mountain bike production

Parmalat -Global Food Company

Paul Costelloe -Global Designer Fashion/Lifestyle Items

Pc Suria-Computer Company(Malaysia)

PDP Box Doccia -Shower-box production (Italy)

Perkinelmer Instruments-Automotive/Petrochemical Analysis equipment

Pertinence -Database Extraction Software

(BR)Petrobras -Brazilian Oil Company-------------------------TOP

PETRONAS -Malaysian oil and gas company

Pioneer -in-car/home entertainment

Playstation 2 -Advanced video game system- - - - - - - - -BACK

Pocklingtons -Racecar transport/trailers/hospitality(UK)

Poderi Morini-Vineyards

Poggipolini-titanium -Hi-tec titanium metalworking

Powermarque -Vehicle contract hire & fleet management

PPG-Transportation Coatings

PSN -Latin-American Sports TV Station

PTC -Software solutions-----------------------------------TOP

Puma -Sports equipment company

Quicksilver -Eyewear/Timepieces

Rayban -Sunglasses

RD tecq -E-commerce Encryption/Security Technology-- -BACK

RED BULL -Energy drink

Rekico -Espresso coffee manufacturers (Italy)

Reuters -International news agency--------------------------TOP

Reynard -Racing car constructor (UK)

Roland-Software Development

Rolex -Personal timepieces

Rolling Center-Fittings/wheels for gates & doors

Rustichella d'Abruzzo -Craft made pasta & gastronomic specialities(Italy)

Sachs -Auto industry suppliers(mannesman-sachs)- - - - - --BACK

Sacramora -Italian mineral water

SAN -Newtown Development(France)----------------------TOP

Sandvik-Machining tools & techniques

Santogal-Car Importing/Sales(?)(Portugal)

SAP -Client/server software & inter-company communications

SBI-Engine testbench & windtunnel design

Schaerlines -Hospitality Experiences

Schroth -Race/rally/street harnesses

Schuco -Windows/doors/facades systems supplier- - - - - - -BACK

Sebring -Sports exhausts

S.E.F.I. group -Sheet metal components & armour plating (Global)

Segafredo(Zanetti)-Coffee anyone?

SGI -High Performance Computing Systems-----------------TOP

Shell -Global Petroleum/Lubricants

S.I.A. -The Spinal Injuries Association

Siemens Mobile -Information/Communications solutions- - -BACK

Sika-Construction chemical manufacturer

SKF -Engine bearings & seals

Sodexho -Global Food Management Services

Sodi tech -CNC wire erosion machine tools-----------------TOP

S Oliver -Team clothing

Sonax -Auto-care/cleaning products

Sorbini -Manufacturing machines & technology (Italy)

Sparco -Fireproof clothing, seats & roolbars,steering wheels- - - - - - -- - - -BACK

Sportal -Sports website/portal (France .fr)

Sports Marketing Surveys -Sports marketing research-------TOP

St Georges-Mineral water

Standox-Auto Paint Finishes

Star CD-CFD Analysis Software(CD Adapco Group)

STL Communications-Voice & Data Communication systems

Stonesoft-Enterprise-level Network Security Solutions

Sun -Microsystems

Sun World Group -Solarium, Fitness & 'Wellness' Products (Europe)

SuperFund-Hedge Fund Investments

Syntium -Synthetic motor oil (petronas)

Systar-Business Process Management Software

System 3R's - Time saving' Machine tooling- - - - - - - - -- -BACK

TAG Heuer -Swiss sports watches/timing devices

Targetti Lighting -Lighting appliances-------------------------TOP

T - D1 -Mobile communications technology in Germany (T- Mobil)

TCC -Creative communications systems

Technogym -Fitness & Biomedical rehab equipment

Telefonica -Telecommunications


Temenos AG-Banking Software Systems

Texaco -Petroleum based products

Tic-Tac -Confectionary (Ferrero) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -BACK

TIM -Italian mobile phone communications

TimeINC -Entertainment and Media Giant

Tiscali -Internet & telecom service provider-------------------TOP

TNT -Global logistics & mail services

Tommy Hilfiger -Branded clothing

Tosinvest-Health Care(Italy)

Touchpaper-Internal Network Support solutions

Tridion-XML Web Management solutions

TRW -Advanced Car Safety Systems

Sabelt -Auto seat belts- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - -BACK

Turbo Lufttechnik-Ventilation/Wind Tunnels & Fans

UGS PLM Solutions-

Unigraphics Solutions -Mechanical engineering software solutions

Unipart Group -Automotive Parts & Logistics

Uniqa-Insurance Group(europe)

Ursini -Gourmet olive oil & fruit producer (Italy)-------------TOP

Usag -Professional tool manufacturer

Valleverde -Leatheriques (?) & fashion (Italy)

Van Bommel-Footwear

Veca -Machining for sports/f1 engines - - - - - - - - -- - - - - BACK

Veltins -German beer- - - - -

Veritas-Data Availability software solutions

Vielife -Health & Well-being Solutions

Vire -Packing machines for hygienic/sanitary products--------TOP

Vistagy -CAD Integrated Engineering Software

Vodafone-Mobile Telecommunications

Volvo -Car & Commercial Vehicle manufacturer


Walter Meier -Machine Tools & Fabrication (Swiss)- - - - - BACK

Warsteiner -German Pils Beer

Wella-Hair cosmetics and perfumes

WEST-Tobacco products

Wilux-Bathroom Pleasures

Willy Bogner -Ski/Sports Wear

Wincanton Print Co. -Promotional Literature (UK)------ ---TOP

Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik -Event Organizing Technology (Swiss)

WL Gore-Functional & Sports Clothing(Goretex)

Worldcom -Global telecommunications

World of Internet -New media solutions (Germany)- - - - - BACK

X-Drinks-Health Beverage

X-Hive-XML Technology developers

Yamaha-Large(ish) Motorcycle & engine maker


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Formula 1 Merchandise